Thursday, January 28, 2010

100 Paintings This Year--#001 & #002

"Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there." ~~Josh Billings

After years of putting art on the back burner; sometimes out of necessity, and many times because of fear of not being able to translate the vision in my mind's eye to canvas, I am committing myself to this challenge: 100 paintings by January 10, 2011.

I have come to a point in life in which I'm beginning to see the clearing in the woods after years of moving between continents, homeschooling children, and just the myriad distractions of being a mom---all good, but not conducive to following solitary passions.

After taking Laure Ferlita's fantastic "Imaginary Trip to Paris," I realized a new level of inspiration. Maybe it was just the timing, but that simple step led me to a place where just about everything that passes through my vision is imagined as a painting! Even random thoughts passing through my brain sometimes cross over to the other side and become sketches.

Although, for me, this artistic journey is an intensely personal thing, I have a deep need to share what I do with others who understand this longing to create. I also find great joy in encouraging others who are traveling alongside. Enter the 100 Paintings in a Year Challenge blog. A place where the members meet to encourage each other in an endeavor to work quantitatively toward an end goal of qualitative growth. I look forward to finding my "voice" along the way, as I try out different media and techniques.

#001 "Peaches & Cream"
I began the challenge on January 10th of this year with my first painting. It is watercolor on Arches 140 gsm paper.

#002 "Comfortable in His Own Skin"
The second painting was based on a photo in a 2007 edition of the very cool British sewing and style magazine, "Selvedge." Also watercolor on Arches 140 gsm.

If you are interested in an active, encouraging group to be a part of in your artistic journey, click on the button to the right and check out the "100 Paintings Challenge" blog.


  1. I always consider it a good thing when an artist is willing to publicly declare the action s/he is taking - and I am so GLAD you're doing this! I think it will be an incredible journey for you and I'm pleased to be a part of it!!

  2. I know I left an inspiring and scintillating comment here yesterday that I failed to publish...
    Something about how much you will learn by doing the 100 paintings...
    Geeez. Not so scintillating today, am I? :)