Saturday, March 27, 2010

#005 & #006-Spring Birds

Colored Pencil

I think I learned the word "harbinger" when I was in about the third grade. There are just some words that capture the imagination; this was one for me. I remember feeling that I had been given something beyond my kin: a beautiful bit of sound and power. The funny thing about my calling this picture "Harbinger," is that, while looking for a reference photo, I came across a site that contradicted my notion that robins return at the beginning of spring. It seems they are with us throughout the year, even being one of the only birds that sings through the winter. That, in itself, is a lovely thought isn't it?

Acrylic on Canvas

I have been painting some things in acrylic and absolutely loving it! I have tried to paint in watercolors for a long time, and while I adore the look of watercolor, I just don't like the idea of not being able to make changes as easily as I can with acrylic. Just still trying to find my "voice" in painting. Since I am trying to learn on my own, without much background in art, I have been looking at work that I like and, in the spirit of the tradition of copying the works of master artists, using those artist's compositions to practice with. This painting is the first of this not-quite-original work that I have ever posted. I asked permission to post it from this wonderful artist. I love her joyous use of color and her delightful subject matter.

Friday, February 5, 2010

#004-Twilight at the Sink

This little watercolor is a memory of mine from my house in Belgium. Our family lived in Waterloo for 9 years, six in this house. During those years, I spent many hours prepping food and washing dishes with this image as my view. The sink was positioned underneath a huge picture window with a deep marble shelf running under the length of the window. Along the shelf, I displayed plants and the beautiful red enamelware vintage french canisters my wonderful husband gave me for our anniversary one year during our early days in France.

Sometimes, at just the right moment--say, twilight--, I would enter something of a dream state as I fell into the rhythm of my work. I felt, at those times, looking through that window, that I was actually outside and part of the scene I was gazing at. This is the memory I wanted to convey with this simple little picture. I think I did ; ).

Friday, January 29, 2010

Painting #003--Warm Heart

My third painting is one I've done to contribute to "Art Hearts for Haiti." 45 artists from all over the world are contributing ATC-sized original artwork to this group, overseen by Laure Ferlita. If you'd like to participate, please click on the button over on the left. You will be taken to Laure's blog where she has posted all the details.

Now, on to painting # 004..........

Thursday, January 28, 2010

100 Paintings This Year--#001 & #002

"Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there." ~~Josh Billings

After years of putting art on the back burner; sometimes out of necessity, and many times because of fear of not being able to translate the vision in my mind's eye to canvas, I am committing myself to this challenge: 100 paintings by January 10, 2011.

I have come to a point in life in which I'm beginning to see the clearing in the woods after years of moving between continents, homeschooling children, and just the myriad distractions of being a mom---all good, but not conducive to following solitary passions.

After taking Laure Ferlita's fantastic "Imaginary Trip to Paris," I realized a new level of inspiration. Maybe it was just the timing, but that simple step led me to a place where just about everything that passes through my vision is imagined as a painting! Even random thoughts passing through my brain sometimes cross over to the other side and become sketches.

Although, for me, this artistic journey is an intensely personal thing, I have a deep need to share what I do with others who understand this longing to create. I also find great joy in encouraging others who are traveling alongside. Enter the 100 Paintings in a Year Challenge blog. A place where the members meet to encourage each other in an endeavor to work quantitatively toward an end goal of qualitative growth. I look forward to finding my "voice" along the way, as I try out different media and techniques.

#001 "Peaches & Cream"
I began the challenge on January 10th of this year with my first painting. It is watercolor on Arches 140 gsm paper.

#002 "Comfortable in His Own Skin"
The second painting was based on a photo in a 2007 edition of the very cool British sewing and style magazine, "Selvedge." Also watercolor on Arches 140 gsm.

If you are interested in an active, encouraging group to be a part of in your artistic journey, click on the button to the right and check out the "100 Paintings Challenge" blog.