Friday, February 5, 2010

#004-Twilight at the Sink

This little watercolor is a memory of mine from my house in Belgium. Our family lived in Waterloo for 9 years, six in this house. During those years, I spent many hours prepping food and washing dishes with this image as my view. The sink was positioned underneath a huge picture window with a deep marble shelf running under the length of the window. Along the shelf, I displayed plants and the beautiful red enamelware vintage french canisters my wonderful husband gave me for our anniversary one year during our early days in France.

Sometimes, at just the right moment--say, twilight--, I would enter something of a dream state as I fell into the rhythm of my work. I felt, at those times, looking through that window, that I was actually outside and part of the scene I was gazing at. This is the memory I wanted to convey with this simple little picture. I think I did ; ).


  1. it is lovely- i have missed your posts.

  2. Oh you certainly did! What a wonderful dreamy image. Funnily enough I was just researching Belgium today, in particular, the breakup of offical languages - Flemish (Dutch I think), French and German.

    Off to look at more of your lovely artwork.



  3. Thanks for visiting my blog ks and for your kind comments!

    I love this piece and the one before it as well!

    Love your blog!

  4. Love hearing the story that inspired your pretty painting.

  5. Oh, found your blog! Joy! Must link. Will visit! Have a lovely day!